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10 Common Mistakes With Signage

Every business dreams of having a beautiful sign to represent their brand, and with All-Right Sign, it’s possible. However, there are a few things you should consider before starting your design. Here are ten common mistakes that businesses make while creating signage—and how working with our team lets you avoid them. 

Bad Color Scheme

Choosing the wrong colors is a very common mistake. The design depends on an effective color scheme to create the effect you desire. Colors set the mood and should draw the eye. Using bright colors helps attract attention from a distance. However, too many bright, saturated colors can be off-putting. There are so many aspects to designing an effective color scheme. Adding contrast increases text’s visibility, but avoid overdoing it. Harmony is key to an appealing design, so choose colors that work well together. 

The Wrong Materials

No matter how stunning your design is, your signage is compromised if the materials used are unsuitable. High-quality materials make all the difference. If your sign is installed outside, it will need to withstand the elements, including rain, snow and wind. 

Too Much Information

Wordy, cluttered signage does no one any favors. You can expect to hold your audience’s attention for a few seconds, so keep it short and sweet. Avoid long paragraphs and focus on imagery.  

Poor Readability

Signage is there to display a message, so it’s no good if you can’t read the text. This issue is more common than you may realize, since a sign up close doesn’t appear the same from 100 feet away. Legibility is a must, so text needs proper spacing and highly readable font. 

Incorrectly Sized

Size corresponds with distance. A sign that’s a far distance from the road or up high needs to be large enough. Conversely, smaller signs work well indoors or anywhere that’s meant to be read up close. 

Forgetting Digital Signage

Don’t overlook the advantages of a backlit sign. Businesses should have lit up signs for when it gets dark so you can advertise all hours of the day. Plus, it looks much more professional than for passersby to see a completely dark storefront. 


Neglecting issues will almost certainly make them worse. If there’s a problem, don’t ignore it. Regular maintenance does the trick to keep signs in top shape.

Bad Location

At the end of the sign creation process is installation. Proper installation is essential to your sign’s efficacy. We have the technology needed to install your sign in high places or areas you cannot reach on your own. We also get the necessary permits to install your sign exactly where you need it. Think about visual obstacles such as trees that may potentially block your sign. 

Improper Installation

In order for your sign to hold up against the outside elements, it must be installed correctly. Only an experienced professional can install your sign safely and effectively. Proper installation determines whether your sign will last or if it gets damaged by weather conditions and other potential problems. 

Choosing the Wrong Signage Team

The single biggest mistake is choosing the wrong signage company to create your product. With All-Right Sign, you don’t have to worry about anything. We avoid these mistakes and create a high quality product that achieves your goals. Call us now to get started on your project!



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