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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your New Sign

When establishing your company in a new area, whether you are a nationally-recognized company or a regional staple, having a bright, bold, and beautiful sign is an essential component. Installing a high-quality sign that informs residents of the area about who you are, what you’re doing, and how you can assist them helps to grow your clientele and ensure that your business is successful in its new location. Despite its importance, many business owners consistently make mistakes when crafting their signs, causing the opposite effect they were hoping for.

At All-Right Sign, we’ve assisted countless local, regional, and national businesses craft, install, and service beautiful signs that generate the buzz they were hoping for. Because of this experience, we know what to look for when helping clients design a new sign. Today, we’re sharing the four mistakes every company should avoid when creating and installing a new sign. Read on to learn more from the sign pros!

Including Too Much Information

While we all suffer from a severe case of oversharing at some point, including too much information on your sign is a mistake that can cost you a potential customer. When planning out your new sign, keep the information to a minimum. If you have too much text littering your sign, it can be hard-to-read and unattractive, causing passers-by to skim right past your business. If you have a descriptive name and beautifully-designed logo, you may not even need to add anything other than your company’s name, tagline if you have one, and logo.

Not Staying Consistent with Branding

Your company has worked hard to create a recognizable, memorable brand, and you should honor this when crafting your sign. Your company’s sign is like the first thing your customers will see when approaching your business, so ensuring that they know where they’re heading is essential. You don’t want to confuse your customers with a sign that doesn’t align with your branding. To ensure that you are staying consistent across every marketing and advertising platform, show the designers at All-Right Sign materials that your brand already has established, and we can work with you to craft something that seamlessly fits in.

Not Working with Trusted Professionals

Getting the details of your sign just right is only half the battle when it comes to sign installation. While design and fabrication are an essential part of getting your sign from concept to final product, working with competent and qualified experts is arguably the most crucial element of installing a new sign. The company you work with can determine your sign creation experience, so choosing a team that works to accommodate your needs and offer innovative solutions is vital. At All-Right, Sign, our team of highly skilled sign contractors is committed to delivering exceptional products and services. Our contractors are your go-to team for all of your sign needs, from crafting and installing beautiful digital signage to repair and servicing established channel letter signs. Call All-Right Sign today to speak with a sign professional and avoid the worst sign mistakes.



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