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Common Design Mistakes in Digital Signage and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to creating effective digital signage, the text you display on them plays an important role in achieving your marketing goals. Choosing the right kind of digital signs makes a major difference in its efficacy and aesthetics, and that’s true for the message as well. Custom content works the best at building a memorable and distinguished brand. Before you generate digital content for your sign, however, consider these common mistakes so you know what to avoid. Our team at All-Right Sign can provide additional information as well so your digital signage is a success. 

Incorrectly Sized Text

Signs need to be readable. Simply put, if a passerby can’t read your message, it’s an ineffective marketing tool. Digital signage makes it easy to present multiple focuses. For instance, create separate slides that transition so that you can add short, easy to read phrases on each one. Keep text large enough to see from the street; in general, larger is better to maximize readability, but ensure that the larger text size doesn’t squeeze the words together. 

Similarly, adding too much text can have the reverse effect as intended. While you may think that more information is better for letting your audience know about what your company has to offer, crammed text is hard to read and may deter them from learning your message. 

Cluttered Layouts

Just as too much information can overwhelm the reader, so can visual cues. Graphics are highly effective when used smartly, not frequently. Think about how you want your design to capture the audience’s eye and lead it to the information they need. Simplicity is often best. A single graphic, paired with your company’s name, can make a huge difference in your message’s quality. 

No Clear Objective

When creating a message, be sure to explicitly convey your goals. Think about what you want your sign to do. Are you informing clients of an ongoing sale? Or, are you trying to draw in certain clients depending on the time of day? These details will impact the type of message you curate. Maximum engagement means more than just displaying your message to anyone, although visibility is a big component. Drivers cannot read the message of the same length as one that someone walking could admire, so take these into account. 

Visual Issues

A well-working sign is a must. Your sign needs to work at all hours of the day to ensure as many people see your message as possible. Every potential client starts out with a first impression, so if your sign isn’t working, it can compromise your credibility. Unfortunately, there are a number of unexpected problems you may run into, and if you aren’t familiar with troubleshooting a digital sign, you need professional assistance. 

As you can see, every business needs to work with an experienced signage company. All-Right Sign has handled countless projects over the past 30 years, and we regularly serve clients in a wide range of industries. Look nowhere else for the knowledge you need to make your commercial sign project a success: call All-Right Sign today to get started!



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