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Digital Signage Maintenance and Repair Guide

Whether your company already has a digital sign or plans to install one, you should know how to properly care for your sign. There are many issues that can impact a digital sign, from issues with the display screen itself to the hardware. Every feature plays a role in ensuring your sign works, so what needs to be done to ensure all parts are working optimally? All-Right Sign has compiled our top tips for maintaining and repairing your digital signage. Use this guide and call our experts to make sure your sign always runs at its peak. 

Software Maintenance

Digital signage requires software to work. Maintaining this software is essential to keeping your sign working the way you want. You’ll need to complete specialized maintenance and regularly update the software to maximize its life. Upgrades will improve security and enhance your visuals. 

Schedule regular checkups on your signage software to make sure everything is working as it should be. Security breaks and incorrect content displayed could become a crisis for your business, so adequate preparation can prevent the worst outcomes from occurring. If you aren’t sure how to maintain your sign’s software, just give our experts a call and we can handle it for you. 

Hardware Maintenance

Over time, digital signage will undergo various external stressors that can wear down its hardware. That’s why you need to choose the best possible hardware from the get-go for maximum efficiency. 

Some systems come with a trade-in program that grants updates when the equipment begins to wear out. These are generally provided by the manufacturer of the equipment, who can help you trade in the old hardware for a newer model. By upgrading your hardware through this method, you can save money over time and won’t need to potentially compromise the entire system. 

Tips for Maintaining Interior and Exterior Digital Signage

Regularly cleaning your indoor and outdoor digital signs is key to keeping them functional. Follow a general cleaning routine, which often involves wiping down the sign, removing spots from the surface and blowing compressed air into the cracks to remove dust and dirt.

Indoor digital signage is simple to clean. With a cloth, some water and mild soap, you can easily remove debris. Dry it with a clean cloth, and don’t scrape at any grime. Gently remove it using baking soda or window cleaner. 

Outdoor signage is subject to harsher elements, including rain and snow. They are more prone to becoming sullied by dirt or mud, so take some extra time when cleaning your digital signs that are outside your building. Any residue or grime left uncleaned can mean deterioration and compromised visuals. 

Maintain Your Digital Sign With the Help Of Our Team

Businesses rely on signs to accomplish their marketing goals. When your sign is spotless and working as it should be, you’ll impress and draw in brand new clientele into your doors. All-Right Sign is committed to delivering outstanding sign maintenance services. Keeping your sign beautiful can boost its longevity. Call now to schedule an appointment with our team.



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