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Digital Signage Maintenance

Digital signage has a lot to offer. You increase your visibility and share your brand in one single go. Of course, the key is to ensure your sign works properly at all times. There may be unexpected incidents in which your sign’s light goes out or you need something to be updated. No matter what your needs are, All-Right Sign arrives quickly to solve the problem. Our team is highly experienced in digital signage maintenance, so whenever you have a problem on your hands, depend on us. Here are a few of our tips to keep your sign properly running all year long. 

Update Content Regularly

A big mistake businesses make is not updating their content. A sign’s message is an important aspect. An advantage of digital signage is that you can easily interchange the text. Don’t forget to switch things up to suit the season or special event you’d like to promote—that way, you stay engaged in your advertising, and clients will pick up on your interest. After all, sign maintenance is a matter of planning. Keep track of your seasonal promotions and plan ahead to choose dates you want to switch out the message. 

Keep the Sign Clean

Signage should be free of any debris around or on the sign’s surface. The screen needs to be clear and easy to see, with no stains or smudges. This can be difficult to achieve if your sign was installed up high, where you may not have the equipment to reach. Our team can lend you a hand in the case that the debris is complicating your signage’s parts. Simple tidying up can greatly enhance the look and function of your sign, so taking a few moments to tidy things up can make a huge difference in your sign’s longevity. 

Light Maintenance

Signage can sometimes go out due to various reasons. A power outage, broken electrical cords, malfunctioning parts and more can leave your sign blank. Our team can quickly arrive to solve the issue. With more than 30 years of experience behind us, we’ll have no issue solving the problem. These issues happen more frequently with older signs, which may require replacement to stay working. If we believe you would be better off getting a new sign installed by our team, we’ll help you choose the right kind and provide all the information you need to start the process. 

Software And Hardware Up To Date

Software is a vital aspect to digital signage. These allow for interchangeable digital messages and ensure the sign continues to work as it should. Forgetting about your sign’s software can lead to glitches and slow response times. 

Likewise, hardware should also be replaced before there is noticeable wear. Broken cables, chipped paint and other issues start out small and may turn into a major repair job if left unattended. Have our team come out every so often to check out your sign even if the issue doesn’t seem like a big deal. 

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If you’re ready to get started on your sign maintenance, call All-Right Sign. Our experienced team services signs across Chicagoland and nearby areas, helping your business stay atop. We can provide information on sign installation. 



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