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Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Monument Sign

A monument sign serves as the focal point of your business and can greatly enhance your credibility. At All-Right Sign, our team has created outstanding signage for over 30 years. We provide a range of signage for you to select from. Monument signs provide lasting durability and outstanding quality. Before deciding on a design and style of sign, consider these factors to ensure the final project meets your vision. Call our team today to get started. 

Consider the Elements of Design

It’s common for businesses to overload a monument sign with graphics. However, an effective sign balances imagery with readable text and solid colors. Giving the viewer room to rest their eyes is key, so no matter what style of sign you’re interested in, keep that balance in mind. Modern monument signs may use molded plastics or wood to represent your logo and company name. You may even choose to add LED lights for visibility at night, taking your advertising to the next level. 


In order for your sign to be effective, it needs to be easy to see. Monument signs should sit just outside your business along busy roads where it gains plenty of impressions. The sign should be large enough to see from a distance and sit at eye level. As we install your sign, our team will check for readability to ensure your sign is in the perfect spot. We also handle the permitting process, letting you install the sign exactly where you need it to be. 

Memorable Style

Nowadays, there are all kinds of visual advertisements fighting for the audience’s attention. Your sign needs to stand out from your competition by incorporating sophisticated stylization and unique design elements. Creating a lasting first impression is possible by utilizing a customized design featuring your brand’s main colors, logo and message. Our team will create a quality sign that supports your marketing goals. 

Find the Right Material

Some business owners have trouble choosing a material for their sign. There are a number of materials we can integrate, such as aluminum, wood, stone, stucco and more. All of these materials create different effects, so be sure to discuss your options with our signage experts. We’ll help you select the right material at the initial design consultation. 

Consider Lighting

Depending on zoning restrictions, it may be possible to illuminate your sign. Many small businesses benefit from backlit signs as these gain traction even at night. Monument signs in particular work well as backlit signs since they are easily visible from roadways. If you are interested in an illuminated sign, you have plenty of options to consider, including LED message boards, lightboxes and more. Discuss your options with our team. 

Call All-Right Sign for Superior Sign Installation

All-Right Sign is your most trusted Chicagoland sign installation experts. We provide the outstanding quality you need when you’re hoping to create a stunning sign that boosts your brand. If you are ready to learn more about creating a monument sign, contact our sign company today. 



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