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Guidelines for Installing Parking Lot Signs

As the weather rapidly warms up, more and more individuals spend time out of the house, increasing traffic both on the road and in parking lots. Ensuring that you have proper signage in your parking lot, including handicap designations, tow-zone warnings, and directional signs helping traffic flow, is crucial. But it’s not enough to just install a few signs here and there; there are boxes you have to ensure are checked off before you’re good to go.

Whether you’re looking to install signs for a new parking lot or want to replace outdated, damaged, or fading signage, the team at All-Right Sign can help you out. Before you begin the fabrication and installation process, it’s essential to review the vital guidelines and regulations you have to abide by when installing parking lot signs. Below are some of the top factors to consider when planning the design and placement of your signage.

You Must follow ADA Regulations

Every Illinois business that offers parking spaces to employees or customers is legally required to provide accessible parking spots. Depending on the number of total off-street parking spots available, a select number is needed to be reserved for accessible parking. To properly mark these spots, you will need a parking sign that displays the International Symbol of Access. The design of accessible parking signs is standard and can rarely be deviated from, including the white background with a green outline, the inclusion of the fine amount, and if the spot is van accessible. Signs must be at least 5’ off the pavement and no more than 5’ away from the designated parking spot. 

Your Text Should Be Legible

A parking lot sign is useless unless drivers can read the presented information without strain. When planning the design of your sign, it’s crucial to account for the font size, style, and color. If you select a font that is difficult to read, either due to being too small, a difficult-to-see color, or a complicated style to read, you are doing more harm than good. When you partner with All-Right Sign to develop your sign, you will have a team of expert designers with an eye for detail who will steer you in the right direction. We will help you choose a clean font large enough to see from a vehicle but small enough to fit all the required information on the limited space.

Sign Placement is Crucial

Like accessible parking space signs, other parking lot signs require a specific placement to comply with local government regulations. For example, if you plan to tow non-visitor or non-certified vehicles, you must have a “tow zone” sign placed at every vehicle entrance to your property. Additionally, regardless if they convey vital information such as handicap reservations or towing company information or not, strategically placing your signs is essential for information processing and visibility. Plus, local municipalities set specific regulations regarding where a sign can and cannot be placed on commercial property. Fortunately, the All-Right Sign team has several decades of experience working with officials in the Chicagoland area and will assist you in acquiring the needed permits and planning the location of each parking lot sign.

Professional Installation Is a Must

Parking lot signs see a lot of action, from vehicle and pedestrian movement to ever-changing weather conditions. Skipping on professional installation is detrimental to the life of your signs, as they won’t be equipped to withstand the constant barrage of traffic and elements. With more than 30 years of sign experience, All-Right Sign is fully equipped to handle your parking lot sign installation project. From in-house permitting to expert project oversight, our team can get your sign designed and in the ground in no time. Give us a call to discuss your signage needs today!



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