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How to Double Brand Exposure with Fleet Graphics

Businesses are constantly searching for new ways to gain interest with their target audience. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve likely exhausted different advertising strategies of all kinds, including signage. What many individuals overlook is the power of fleet graphics, also known as vehicle wraps. These are among the best tools to make instant impressions simply by driving through town, and if you work with an experienced signage team like All-Right Sign, your plans will be a success. Here’s what to know about using fleet graphics. 


One way to stand out from competitors is to emphasize what makes your brand unique. Your organization has so much to offer to the community, and you deserve to get noticed. Fleet graphics are highly customizable when it comes to all aspects of the design. We print graphics in any color you need and can cut it to meet your vision. You can display a message, logo or company name on all of your vehicles, which distinguishes you while on the road. 

Unlimited Exposure

Many small businesses face challenges when it comes to getting the word out. Fleet graphics do all the work for you. You will instantly make impressions and display your brand for all passersby to see in a way that’s cost-effective and easy. You’ll have near unlimited local exposure since you’ll get noticed every time your fleet departs. 

Promote Your Brand Without the Stress

Fleet graphics give you the opportunity to be an active part of promoting your brand. Even if your vehicle is simply parked somewhere, anyone who sees it will notice the bold design and keep you in mind. They can even take a picture of the graphic, which works perfectly if you include contact information. It takes no effort on your part, yet you’ll get hundreds of impressions every day. 


One of the top advantages of vehicle graphics is that they are affordable, especially in comparison to other marketing strategies. With a low initial investment and long-lasting durability, your organization can save plenty of money through this method. Despite its reasonable costs, fleet graphics are highly effective in generating brand awareness, meaning it’s well worth your consideration. You’ll also have extra funds to allocate into other marketing plans, such as installing a new sign outside your business, which significantly increases brand exposure.

Easy to Change

We guarantee that you’ll love your fleet graphics. They’re made of a durable vinyl material and can last for years without fading. However, if you find yourself with a new idea down the line, we can change up the graphics to suit your ongoing needs. Fleet graphics aren’t permanent, so they can be exchanged without a problem, giving you the freedom to change up your brand whenever you like. 

Contact All-Right Sign Today

Fleet graphics have so much to offer. Every time you hit the road, you’ll spread brand awareness without the hassle. If you’d like to learn more about how vehicle graphics can benefit your organization, contact our Steger sign installation team today! We’ll help you create unique signage that takes your company to new heights. 



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