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Signs It’s Time to Update Your Business Sign

Change is always a good thing, but it’s a great thing when it comes to your business’s sign. 

In a world that is always on-the-go, keeping the public interested in your business is growing more challenging with each passing year. With the rise of digital marketing and online shopping, mixed with the increase in competitors, just getting your business seen can feel like an impossible task. Luckily, with the work of an expertly crafted and perfectly placed sign, your business can garner the attention and attract the crowd it deserves. At All-Right Sign, we help countless Chicagoland clients bring their signs into the modern-day and increase their visibility with beautiful and bold signage. Whether you need a new monument sign or want to upgrade to a state-of-the-art digital sign, our team of sign specialists can deliver a product that is sure to take your breath away.

Not sure if it’s time to update your business’s sign? Read on to learn the most significant signs it’s time for a redesign!

The Information is Outdated

Maybe your company has recently rebranded. Or perhaps you’ve had to update the hours of operation to better suit business needs. Regardless of the reason, outdated information can be detrimental to your business. It’s essential to update hours, logos, and branding elements on your sign to align with the other aspects of your business.

Your Sign is Damaged

We all know how important a customer’s first impression is. Your sign is one of the first elements customers will see when approaching your business, meaning that it has a large role to play in the initial reaction the public has of your company. It can leave a poor taste in potential customers’ mouths if it is damaged or worn, causing you to lose out on their integral business. 

Competitors Are Eclipsing You

If you find that your sign is being left in the shadows cast by neighboring businesses’ signs, it’s time for a change. Many companies are turning to high-tech digital signs to display only the essential information. Bring attention back to your company with a new and improved sign. All-Right Sign offers eye-catching, hassle-free digital signs that allow you to keep customers up-to-date with recent offers, special messages, and more.

Additionally, you may notice that signs are starting to get bigger and bolder, resulting in the sign you’ve had for years being insufficient and virtually invisible amongst others near-by. Updating your sign to a large size provides higher visibility and allows you to add additional or updated information.

Are you looking to refresh your business’s look and attract new customers? Contact the experts at All-Right Sign to discuss business sign updates! Our team of professional Chicagoland sign designers can help you choose the right sign for your business and location. Our team can draft a beautiful, customized design that perfectly encapsulates your business, then flawlessly install it on your property. Give us a call or send All-Right Sign a message to discuss your sign needs and start planning your new, upgraded sign!



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