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Understanding Signage Permits: What You Need to Know

Signs are essential to a business’s visibility. A sign acts as a symbol of your company and indicates your specialty to prospective customers. Using LED signs inside your store can increase the amount of time visitors spend shopping, which then boosts the odds that they’ll make a purchase. But before you can enjoy the benefits of a custom sign, you’ll need to obtain a sign permit. All-Right Sign handles the entire sign installation process, including the permit approval stage. Contact us for comprehensive support through your project. 

What is a Signage Permit, and When Is It Necessary?

A signage permit is a document that gives consent to businesses to install signage for advertisement purposes. This document is obtained by submitting an application to a local zoning department. Most signs require a permit before they can be installed. Certain small signs do not have to be approved, such as yard signs or vinyl banners that are being used inside a store. However, illuminated signs, marquees, billboards and almost all exterior signs will need approval. 

Why Are Signage Permits Needed at All?

Towns and cities maintain certain regulations to keep public areas aesthetically pleasing while supporting businesses so they can succeed. Requiring permits to install signage ensures that all features are safe and suitable. For instance, a permit restricts businesses from installing signage that is an eyesore or is intrusive, even if the company has the budget to do so. No business will have an unfair advantage, so it’s in the town’s best interests for signs to be regulated. 

By requiring permits, all billboards, branded signs and exterior advertising will complement the neighborhood and fulfill zoning requirements. That’s why, before you begin designing your sign, it’s important to be aware of various restrictions and guidelines. Our knowledgeable team can help you ensure your design meets all specifications so the permit approval process will go as smoothly as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Receive a Signage Permit?

The permit fee varies based on your sign’s overall cost estimate. In the City of Chicago, a permit for an on-premise business identification sign will cost $200, while one for an off-premise advertising sign costs $500. Fees for the building department review depend on the sign’s square footage. 

How Long Does It Take to Approve a Signage Permit?

Some signs are approved within days, while other types of signage need additional time. These signs include those that need engineering review to confirm that all safety standards are fulfilled. When you work with our sign installation team, the process is completed as efficiently as possible so you can begin enjoying the benefits of your custom-made sign. 

Talk to Our Sign Construction Team About Your Project

After creating a stunning custom sign, you want nothing more than to put it on display and further your brand awareness. However, you must first have your sign approved via a permit, which our team at All-Right Sign can assist you with. We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the sign installation process and are prepared to lend you a hand. Call today for experienced guidance.



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