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Vehicle Wraps And Decals For Food Trucks And Trailers

The food industry continues to grow, and as the field becomes more competitive, you need to have a strategy in place. Ensure your company gets the recognition it deserves by using high-quality vehicle graphics to distinguish yourself from the rest. If you own a food truck, you need eye-catching graphics to promote your branding, and that’s exactly what you can create at All-Right Sign. Our team provides a few tips to help you create the perfect design. 

Clever Colors

Colors are often used to draw the eye and add contrast. Don’t be afraid to use primary colors and other bold palettes. Now’s the opportunity to get creative. Bright tends to be better, as monochrome colors may fade into the background. A striking color scheme should both match your brand and be visually appealing. We can help you choose colors that are both vibrant and harmonious. 

Choose the Right Size

Larger wraps are easier to see from a distance, letting you draw in plenty of hungry clients. This is especially helpful during a festival or fair, where you’ll be fighting against many other trucks. Boosting your visibility puts you at an advantage: the bigger the graphic, the more likely it’ll be seen. 

Interesting Images

Graphics tell a story. If you have a mascot or featured item that you’re well known for, consider utilizing it in your design. You’ll want to display what makes you unique at a single glance. Having a point of interest can be very beneficial as it ensures your customers have a memorable experience. 

Contact Information

One of the best ways to promote your business is to include contact information in your design. Phone numbers and website addresses are a great idea so your customers can easily share and spread the word. If you have any social media handles, be sure to add those, too. Many customers consider a strong online presence an indication of trustworthiness. 

Consider Your First Impression

Since your goal is to catch someone’s attention right away and turn them into a new customer, first impressions are especially important. From the get go, you want to express what makes your food better than any other truck’s out there, and having a well made vehicle graphic is an essential part of making that happen. 

Easy to Revamp

If you want to redo your graphic for a special event or seasonal sales, vinyl vehicle wraps are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do so. They can easily be replaced depending on what you need. Vinyl won’t damage your vehicle’s finish, and all you need to do is remove it rather than painting over a different design. This makes it a perfect option for companies that wish to stay up to date. 

Contact Us to Create Stunning Graphics!

With so much to consider, you’ll need a knowledgeable team at your side to walk you through your options. All-Right Sign proudly serves businesses both big and small. If you’re interested in creating a custom vehicle wrap for your food truck, call our team today to discuss your ideas. We’ll ensure the graphics you create match your vision and help you accomplish your goals. 



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