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What Makes a Quality Sign?

Your business has everything in order: a professional website, a comprehensive marketing strategy and a team of hardworking professionals who are prepared to deliver outstanding service. Yet, you still cannot seem to meet your goals of increasing the number of clients walking through your door. If your competition seems to be thriving while you’re missing the mark, consider the importance of a quality business sign. The right sign can make a world of difference in how your target audience perceives your company. All-Right Sign can help you create the perfect sign: consider these tips for making quality signage to further your marketing goals. 


A sign can only be effective if your audience can see it. What this means is that you need to choose a suitable size for your sign, so it is large enough to see from a distance. Think about popular fast food chains: you can see their signs all the way down the street. Your business name and logo should be easy to spot, so passersby instantly associate the symbol with your brand. Further your sign’s efficacy by leaving white space. While you want a certain level of boldness to catch the eye, you don’t want to overwhelm the viewer with colors. 


The fonts that you include on your sign must be readable from a distance. Not only does this increase visibility, but it also makes your sign look more professional. There are plenty of beautiful typefaces to choose from: that being said, keep in mind that some look great on paper but are illegible on a large sign. People will be passing your sign at high speeds, meaning they should read it with a single glance. Block lettering is excellent for storefronts, and a sans-serif font can further increase its readability. Consider using all capital letters and avoiding italics or cursive fonts. 


You probably understand that a sign’s overall design impacts its visibility. But did you know that its content can also influence its efficacy? Colors, graphics and the way the content is arranged all impact the way your audience interprets your sign. Avoid using color palettes with similar colors. Contrasting shades, such as blue and orange, are easier to see and more striking. Black on white is a classic combination, but you can also use other dark colors for the text and a bright color for the background. The colors you choose should reflect your brand’s unique personality. The idea is to distinguish yourself from competitors, so choose your sign’s content carefully. 


It’s not enough for your sign to look the part. Business signs must be durable and strong enough to withstand years of harsh sun, rain and, for businesses in Chicagoland, snow. The materials you invest in with pay off as time passes: you’ll be impressed by how long your sign lasts when you choose our team. 

Create a Quality Business Sign Today

Your business sign is more important than you may realize. With so many design options to choose from, you’ll want to speak to our professionals at All-Right Sign. We’re excited to bring your design to life. 



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